So, what's next?

I was thinking about my website and it seemed to be not that good as I wanted it to be.

Actually as much as I tried to make it dark and cyberpunk'ish, I couldn't do it. It's not my now. I grew up a lot, since I started to develop this web-site, and now I realised that it's not what my heart wants to see.

Let me introduce myself properly...

Hi, I'm Alice (aka AL1-CE) and it's nice to meet you all.
I love lot of weeaboo stuff and also lots of dark staff: Blade Runner, Ghost in the Shell (the anime), System Shock, Deus Ex, etc.
But now I understand that I'm not that stuff. I love it but it not defines me.

So it was a bit hard decision which I made. I will redisign my site to, what I think, will be best for me. But more importantly to my heart.

I will keep that dark story which I'm creating but it'll be not main content as it was to the present day.

Once again... Thank you all who leaved comments or loved my site. We will meet again, in the world with no sadness.

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